We stand for practical, rational, human centric design with a humble approach, for architecture that is social at its heart.

A pioneering boutique practice

Looking back

BHA is a leading design studio based in Amman, Jordan. Founded in 1977 by Bilal Hammad, and joined in 1981 by Nida’ Masannat, we specialize in Architecture, Interior, Urban, Landscape, and Graphic design. Our portfolio includes 150+ diverse projects across Jordan and the region - including residential, commercial, cultural, religious and hospitality projects, in addition to the rehabilitation and restoration of existing buildings.

A number of our projects have gained appreciation at both local and international levels, and have become subjects of research and analysis for both written publications and students of architecture. For example, Al Ribat residential compound, designed in 1979, is still considered a pioneering experience in housing in the country – it was nominated twice for the Aga Khan award. To ensure fine results, we work closely with some of the best multidisciplinary consultants – including structural, electrical and mechanical engineers.

Moving forward

40+ years later, we are reclaiming our pioneering legacy while making sure to remain relevant & contemporary. We are reaching out to a new generation and appealing to a regional metropolitan audience. We are shifting our vision towards a digital transformation route with a focus on technology and modern-day design thinking methods.

We are bold and innovative, yet humble in our approach.

Our brand promise remains. Architecture that gives people a sense of happiness, allowing them to dream, to find moments of delight and surprise, to belong to a family, a city, a community, a society.


We are a dedicated, close-knit team striving for top quality design and thoroughness of detail, aiming to produce buildings that fit within their context – physical, environmental, historical, and social.


Bilal Hammad



Nida Masannat

Head of Design


Bana Hammad

Head of Strategy


Rana Shnoudi

Design Architect


Amani Bqaeen

Design Architect


Abdelrahman Abbad

Design Architect


Sandra Matanes

Design Architect


Ismail Akeel

Structural Engineer


Alla Filipovich

Electrical Engineer


Malek Bashayreh

Mechanical Engineer


Lara Masannat

Quantity Surveyor


Malak Jaradat

Supervision Team


Over the past 40 years, we've worked with 200+ clients - from individuals to organisations and large corporates - to design the best human experiences.

Notable Individuals

H.E. Adnan Badran
H.E. Abdulkareem Kabariti
H.E. Omar Razzaz
H.E. Said Darwazeh
H.E. Marwan Muasher
H.E. Sami Judeh
H.E. Nayef Steitieh
H.E. Taleb Al Rifai
H.E. Saeed Shuqom
Dr. Salma Nims

H.E. Falah Al Omoush
H.E. Ayman Odeh
Dr. Medhat Abdel Malek
Dr. Issam Al Saket
Dr. Ezzeddine Katkhuda
Mr. Majdi Al Yasin
Mr. Jaafar Hijjawi
Mr. Ayman Hijjawi
Mr. Jamal Fariz
Mr. Ahmad Humeid