Creating architecture that lives comfortably within its context, establishing a sense of belonging within its environment and for the people who will inhabit it, and the community around it. Architecture as vessel for human experience.

King Abdullah II Entrepreneurship Center

Design concept - PIXELS. Set within the King Abdullah II Park in Wadi Saqra, the building's facade concept is derived from pixels - the basic building blocks of digital graphics - linking the architectural image to technology & entrepreneurship. This project was a competition issued by the Greater Amman Municipality.

Princess Salma Housing

Set in a squared site of 22,000 sqm, 145 residential units of different types border a central communal courtyard. The residential units include dual-aspect terraced houses (duplexes) on the ground floor, and single-storey flats on the upper floor. This project introduces a groundbreaking typology for medium-density housing in Jordan. This project was nominated for the 2019 Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

K Commercial Complex

Design concept - GREEN. While the North elevation is fully glazed, horizontal louvres were added as shading devices for protection from the low East & West sun to avoid overheating. Planters were added below the louvres to encourage climbing greenery on the facade. This project is a hybrid between architectural, landscape & urban design.

Jordan Kuwait Bank Branches

BHA has been providing design and consultancy services for JKB since 2001 - starting with designing and rehabilitating the headquarters in Al-Abdali, which became so iconic that it was being used at times to represent the brand, to designing more than 45 branches in Jordan and Palestine over the past 20 years.

Isteitieh Villa

Large deep openings are carved within the pure masses of this villa to add dimensionality to the elevations and shade the glass windows. With an L-shaped plan, an intimate, enclosed zone is formed at the back for the family and their guests to enjoy - with the kitchen and living room all opening up to the outside to serve the garden and pool.

Samman & Tabbaa Apartment Building

Contrasting textures and purity in form are key drivers to the design of this apartment building. Set in Abdoun, it comprises of 8 units with areas varying between 240 and 340 sqm. The architectural language includes contrasting local stone textures and fair-faced extruding balconies to add richness to the elevations.

Abu Shakra Home Extension

Two additional floors were added to an existing villa in Deir Ghbar. The architectural language of this vertical expansion conveys purity in form & simplicity in materials for an overall contemporary & minimalist approach.

Al Arena - Ahliyya Amman University

Originally built in 1994, the Arena Sports Complex underwent major interior design renovation in 2020-2021. It now houses a brand new Fitness Center in addition to a first of its kind culinary academy.

K Private Office

A play of wooden textures, marble-look slabs, and hidden lights for a warm, luxurious feel. The design encompasses a neutral colour palette for a calm, soothing experience

Y Villa

While the architectural design of this villa was done by BHA in 2012, the front garden landscaping was revisited in 2021 to include a new lap pool and an intimate built-in seating area for the growing family.